Parking garage sign at the 24 Hour Fitness Garage in North Hollywood, CA

This sign was used to create three images that make up the top and second rows of the Signs of Things to Come column. And as part of the visual journey that is my life in LA, I am at this garage every few days.


No Smoking Sign near Fairview Auto, Burbank, CA

This sign was used to create six images that make up the third, fourth and fifth rows of the Signs of Things to Come column. This is the place every two years where I have my Ford Mustang Emission Tested for the California DMV.

By our Sophomore year of college, my rather introspective and demure twin sister Lori started to focus her camera away from the pictorially obvious and instead pointed her sensitivities toward the abstract details she found in the world around her. Although she was not conscious that her incentive was probably inspired by the lack of empathy and reciprocity she found in her world, as her artistic companion and collaborator, it has long been my observation that my twin sister's art sifted through spaces she did not feel quite comfortable occupying and from those places Lori molded landscapes that emotionally reflected her inner-spirit.

Similarly, if not "half-identically," after a decade or more of trying to fit into the morally absent and defiantly uninformed places I found myself in Hollywood, and not without having to scale some obstacles within myself to do so, I also choose to point the camera in my cell phone away from what I found toxic and like my twin started to cull 'emotional landscapes' out of the places I routinely visited.

A trip to get my hair cut would include passing some hidden artifact. Flick open my iPhone camera and take a picture. A visit to the gym meant seeing the same sign over and over when I went to get my car. Snap; save it and edit it later. And killing time waiting to have my car emission tested could cause me to take refuge by way of capturing another detail others might overlook.

In these ways, my 'found object' art is my visual diary.

But more than that, the art that I've been producing for the FOUND in LOS ANGELES project is about closure and about rebirth. It's been about reclaiming the geography where I live. It's about boundaries, and lending dignity to the places I see around me.

Moving forward, my hope is the FOUND in LOS ANGELES project does so without developing a contrived commercial tone. That it continues to be a way for me to transform the professional and personal geography where I live in into something celebratory by pointing my inner lens at the parts of LA my camera has 'found.'



Exterior wall of the outside parking lot FOUND during the demolition of The Spanish Kitchen, La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA

While the photograph on the left displays the wall where I found the imagery I used to create Red Maple, the photo was taken about five months afterwards as a way to document where the most popular image on my Tumblr page came from. Today, that wall is gone. It was demolished to make way for whatever is replacing The Spanish Kitchen. As part of my visual journal of my life in Los Angeles, I walk this block every month when I go to get my hair cut.