Throughout 1970s, and almost to the end of the 80s, Ron Barbagallo made Art with my twin sister Lori, who passed in 1988.
At the time of her passing, I specialized in realistic Fine Art paintings while Lori explored Fine Art photography through the area of Abstract Expressionist Found Object. I consulted heavily on all her imagery which focused on finding “art” in the streets of Bayonne, New Jersey and New York City.... READ MORE




Photo Independent

Where Was This FOUND?

The FOUND in LOS ANGELES project participated in the Photo Independent Art Fair on May 1 - 3, 2015 at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA. To see my art at this event, CLICK HERE and scroll to image 41:

CURRENTLY SHOWING at The ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood. One of my canvas prints is on permanent display in the lobby of the first floor at the ArcLight Hollywood. This LINK shows where the canvas is located.

FINE ART EDITIONS, books and posters are available for purchase HERE.


NEW ART by way of limited edition prints can be previewed HERE. Inquire on their availability by email through the CONTACT tab.

Where was RED MAPLE FOUND and where did the inspiration for the FOUND in LOS ANGELES project come from? More insight can be found here: READ MORE

Duplicate Dreams: Twins and Multiples with Identical Interests & Careers in Common

the FOUND in LOS ANGELES project was included in this book about the shared careers of twins from authors Donna Roach and Coralie Phillips. You can BUY IT HERE.

the FOUND in LOS ANGELES project at The ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood. A virtual gallery for this exhibit can be found HERE.

RON BARBAGALLO is also the director of Animation Art Conservation,
a conservation practice devoted to the ethical repair and preservation of classic animation art... READ MORE  In addition, Barbagallo has also written  on the aesthetics of art. This is a link to those articles: READ MORE

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